Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AHHHH... I hate these kind of moments

I just had one of those mom moments that as a mom you hate... I just had a major freak out and of course it would be on the one person that I love the most and would never want to hurt. I would be irate if I ever saw someone act the same to my son. Yep I just flipped out on Blake my little treasure!! Something just came over me and it was like I couldn't control it anymore. Why you might be wondering... well it was all because he was crying because Bailey (the dog) was chewing and taking away his ball. Not a big deal for any day other than today. I have not had one of those rage moments in a LONG time. After sending him to his room, Kylee then starts crying because Blake left her OMG!! After a calm moment and a panicked prayer I called him out and how humbling and insightful this moment was, to see his little chest well up when I talked about how much mommy yelling must have hurt his heart, it just simply broke my heart. His little chin quivered every time that I said sorry. I have never loved him more. After I asked him to pray for me and he walked away, I pondered what the H*** happened? Well I realized that I have not prayed or relaxed or had a quite moment to myself (which I always start off my day with a simple prayer, at least). I just asked the Lord for strength and I felt relief and peace for once today!! And now they are ALL having "quite time" and what could be more glorious than that?

Just wanted to share with you my major flop today!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A woman that is Thriving...

So I went to an amazing womens retreat THRIVE the weekend before last and it changed my life. I went there searching for something and longing for my God to reveal himself to me and WOW did He come through. I have not been this fullfilled in a while, I am so grateful for serving a God that forgives and brings restoration. I went up to Murrieta Hot Springs with an emptiness that no matter what I seemed to do and no matter what self evaluation thing I was doing was not filling it. I needed something bigger than myself. I will never forget this expienece. I have also realized my true friends in my life and how deeply each one of them have touched my life. The Lord has brought some amazing women into my life, for that I am very grateful. I have come back a better person with a new joy in my life, thank you Lord for meeting me where I was. You are an amazing God!!

I am so glad to say that Luke is completely better now!! And it seems like I am getting better too (when I was on the retreat I got very sick)so today was the forst day that things seemed to be getting a little back to normal!!

I have so much JOY in my life right now and my kids are such amazing treasures in my life!! They fill my heart till it's overflowing!!

OK I am done now!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Off to Murrieta Hot Springs : )

So this weekend I am going to a retreat up in Murrieta Hot Springs with our church. I am SUPER excited and can't wait to get up there. Poor Mike will be home with the kids for 3 days and 2 nights all alone with 3 kids. I will be praying for him. So I can't wait to get away and hear some amazing speakers and Carisa and I are going to be bringing some of our scrap booking stuff so maybe we will get a chance to make some stuff!! Oh I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!!

Luke is feeling much better, thank God!! Poor baby, he is finally healthy!! But now it seems like I may be getting a bug!! Bummer!!!!!

My kids have been so amazing lately... or maybe I have just been more at peace and less stressed out lately, I am sure it's both combined. They are such a joy in my life and I am so blessed. My life has just been going really well lately and I am sure things are about to change, just because that's how things work and that's how life goes. But when things do change I know I will be at a better place and have much for grace in my life. I am doing this Beth Moore study and she is changing my life and opening my eyes to a different life. I am so excited to dive into it everyday!! I am sure that has a huge part to do with my peace.

Well I guess I better go do some laundry and get packing, 5 hours to go till I leave!!

PS the picture is just cuz the are cute, and I love the warm weather we are having, or were having : (

Monday, February 4, 2008

Poor Luke...

So yesterday we take Luke into the doctors after a long day of odd symptoms including his feet and legs turning blue and a 104 temp, and lots of other weird things which almost made Kaiser take Luke to the hospital. So we go to the doctors later taht day and they check him out and he didn't have an ear infection and his throught looked clear, so they order a chest x-ray and he has pnemonia. Can you believe this little baby that has been sick so much has pnemonia!!! Anyway, so they gave him and antibiotic and he is doing a little better today.

On the brighter side this weekend I was able to go up to Anaheim for an amazing Stampin Up! conference, I got so many amazing ideas and I got some time to stamp. I went with the other demo's around our area and we just had the best time!! I really enjoyed it and the best part is we got to meet Shelli and all take our picture with her. For those of you who don't know who that is she is the founder of Stampin Up! she was soooo nice!! SU put on an amazing production!! I was so fortunate to be able to go. What a great weekend but it was so sad to come home to a sick baby.

I know I am working backwards but then on Tues and Wed Mike and I went up to Disneyland for our 9 year wedding anneversary, we had a great time but I ended up getting really sick with a UTI and was in soo much pain that we went back to the hotel the first night at 6. But I got something over the counter to help with the symptoms until I could get my antibiotic and that helped a little so we could enjoy the next day. We had a good time I just wish I would have felt better!!

So that is what has been going on here!! What a CRAZY week it's been!! But I have had some great times with my hubby and going to the SU convention.