Friday, June 20, 2008


Weigh in Wednesday

I know it's not Wednesday but I forgot so I am doing my weigh in today!! I am down to 165!!! YAY!!! I am excited and I feel great!!

Tonight Mike and I are going to a Padre game in a private box and the kids are sleeping over night at the grandparents!! I am sooo excited. So hopefully I don't blow my diet!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weigh in Wednesday

Ok so today is my weigh in and I am at 166.0 now why couldn't I be down one more ounce then it would look better. Oh well, at least I didn't gain!! I did get down to 165 this week though but then gained it back. I am on my journey to being set free from this weight!!

Tonight hubby and I are going out to dinner!! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Forgot...

So my cute kids were in a wedding a few weeks ago and they were just the cutest so I just thought I would brag a bit!!

A little down today!!

So I am a little down today. Why? Well.... I just know that we are supposed to home school Blake and I know that I know this is the right thing for him but it's soo hard to not let the people around you that are not so supportive get to you.

Blake is getting teased at school for the past 3 weeks because of his speech and one little boy actually made fun of him in front of me and was laughing at him. OMG!! Come here you little kid and let me show you how it feels when someone puts you down!! So as a mom being protective Blake didn't want to go to school today and I am OK with that. Tomorrow he will go but today he can stay home and be loved on by his family.

I know and understand that homeschooling isn't for everyone, I used to think no way could I ever do that until I discovered the Classical Academy. This place partners with you in homeschooling and Blake will attend a full day of regular school one day a week. So I know that some think how can I be qualified to teach my son when it takes teachers 4 years or longer of schooling to be qualified, well I don't have the answers for you all I know is that they obviously set you up for success since the school has one of the highest test scores in San Diego county. So I know that for this year for Blake I will home school and I really pray for a little acceptance. I am not oblivious to the fact that it will take a lot of work and time, that's OK with me I have all my life for me time after the kids are out of the house.

So all that to say I know that I am making the right decision and I don't think anything can make me change my mind at this point. Please be supportive. I fully think that this is an individual decision and that it's not right for everyone, I am not sure how long I will even do it for time will tell. I am excited about it and it's something that I would choose for my son even if something else opened up at this point, this isn't a second option anymore.

Please know that the tone of this post is not of harshness or ridicule towards anyone that may not agree, I am just feeling lonely and sad at the lack of support that I have been feeling this past week. I have amazing people in my life that support me 100% in any decision that I make and I know that I need to be leaning on them right now!! All this to say that I am sad at some of the mean things that are being said to my son and as a mom I will protect him in any way that I can and give him what is best for him. He won't always have this speech problem so why scar him for something that is temporary? OK I am done!!

Now for a lighter note today is my weigh in Wednesday and I am at 166.2 so that is the lowest I have been since my Reset!! I am excited and happy that Disneyland didn't screw me up too bad. Hopefully next week I can report a even lower weight loss!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Picture

As I posted before we went to Disneyland on Thurs and Fri and we had such a great time. We went for Kylee's birthday and she was in awe of everything her favorite ride was The Pirates of the Caribbean. Blake had a great time and his favorite ride was Finding Nemo. Luke just loved everything and was so cute. Our Sister and brother in law and their son came with us also. It was a great time that we were able to bond. Just a note to those that have year passes make sure you check block out dates before you go. That little mistake cost us an extra $180.00. Oops!!!