Saturday, April 19, 2008

Disney Mode...

We are still in Disney mode and Sissy (Kylee) wanted to wear her dress and put on make up and do her hair. She is such a girl and a total princess. You can tell by the pictures I took that she was in her own princess heaven. It was fun!! I love having a girl!!

"See Dad if you bought her a princess dress she would wear it at other times other than Disneyland!!"

Friday, April 18, 2008


So we went to Disneyland this week on Mon. and Tues. We had such a blessed time. I went with the kids and My dad and Gloria. We had the best time!! I am sooo lucky to have such amazing family in my life. It was a little sad that the hubby wasn't there to have fun with us, but it was still a great time. The Grandparents got us a room that had bunk beds for the kids so they really liked that!! The kids were exhausted after the first day and crashed hard. We had a wonderful time and YES the chicken pox are finally gone!!! So here are some pics from our wonderful time!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gas Prices... Ouch!!

So today after church we were on our way home to grab "baby" (Kylee's pink bear) then we were off for a youth meeting when the car dies on the freeway, well..... I guess cars need gas to run. So off to call Super Dad to save the day... again. My dad was actually two minutes away from us and runs home to get a gas can and we are on our way to the gas station within 15 minutes. It must have been the quickest break down in history. I guess we learned not to let our tank go down that low, but seriously these gas prices are outrageous!! Anyway just like my last post, Grandparents ROCK!! So thanks Dad and Gloria for saving us again. Seriously what would we do without them??

So tomorrow we are off the Disneyland with Super Grandparents for two days!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Pictures coming soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I am sooo lucky...

I am so lucky to have wonderful grandparents for my kiddo's. Yesterday the hubby and I were in DIRE NEED of a date night and they happily said that they would watch the kids. We were planning around 5 to go out but at 2 my Dad and Gloria show up at the house wanting to take them early. "what you actually want my kids early?" so I had a nice 2 hours to myself (well Luke stayed and took a nap) to get all of our crappy bills in order. So thank you Lord for blessing me with such wonderful Grandparents for my kids.

BTW Mike and I had a blessed time at the Brigintine (where we got married) and then went on saw 21, which rocked. TGFGC!! (Thank God for Gift Certificates)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here is the update on the pox...

The picture doesn't give those boogers any justice!!

Well it's been 7 days now, the longest 7 days in mommy history. The pox were getting better and then like 5 more showed up, how does that happen. At first we were not convinved that they were "the pox" but now we are convinced since he got some more. Thank God Luke hasn't gotten them yet. Kylee's are completely gone and she only had like 8 on her tummy and they went away pretty fast. So I guess I am just getting a taste of what it's going to be like home schooling Blake is going to do great I have been working with him while he's been gone from school and I have to pull him away from his work. It's so cute!! Anyway, my life has revolved around home lately and I am getting some things done but I miss the option to leave. I miss my friends and the park and playdates. Oh well it's only for a time.

I am VERY excited to go to the Pink Pineapple on Friday but these stupid chicken pox wont allow me to get out early so I will see everyone there at 6 (Mike is getting home a little early from work). I can't wait!!!!! Ok well that's all for now talk to you soon!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

No one is safe...

So I woke up this morning to a wonderful morning and told Blake to go get dressed and he says that he can't because he is "itchy". Well he raises his shirt to show me a wonderful surprise.

He's got chicken pox, just because you have had the vaccine doesn't mean anything.

So then Kylee lifts up her shirt and she only has 4 so not too bad and hers look like they are already healing, which makes us wonder if she had them first. So anyway, looks like I am home bound for the next week. So maybe I will be able to BLOG a lot!!

Ok so here is my new toy,

I am very excited because the Brown family is going "mobile". We are getting rid of our desktop computer (BTW we are selling it if interested) which is in perfect condition but thought it would be nice for my business if I can have business access anywhere. So I have been busy getting everything switched over to the laptop, so that's why my creative BLOG has taken a few days off. Anyway, it's been fun starting fresh.

And for the finally update............ we have decided to home school Blake, I know I know, this is a big deal and we are very excited about it!! He will start in the fall at Classical Academy which is a public school for home school kids. You just need to talk to me about it. He will still get to go to class and have friends but on most days we will have school from home. If interested check out the web site at
Ok I think that's about it for the updates, love ya all and be praying that the Chicken Pox don't get worse than they are, he has a super mild case!!