Tuesday, October 30, 2007

OMG this is great...

Ok so i just got back from Super Play Inc. and this place is great!! The kids (including Luke) played for 2.5 hours. It was so great, next time I will take my camera and post some pics. Many of you have gone to Kidsville with me and that was amazing and well priced for what you got, but oh so far away. This is kinda like it but super close but it's a little pricey but for me worth it since I will go often... hopefully. So if you ever want a fun easy play date let me know it's $5.00 per kid since I am a member, I will be there often. It's located in the Round Table Pizza shopping center. Gotta go clean up my daughters pee on the floor, gotta love being a mom!!!!

So here it is...

I was thinking that I need to keep a personal BLOG and then keep my creative BLOG seperate. So here it is!!! I am super excited about my new adventures of trying to get my life organized and on track. I feel that for the past 6 months I have been living in a tornado.

So I am WAY excited about going to Super Play today with Kelsee this (if it's cool) could be the start of getting my life organized and keeping me sane. My goal to go to this indoor playground a couple times a week and let the kids play while I get my "business" stuff done!! Here's to hopeing it's cool and worth the money!!! Please Lord!!

Another cool thing that we have been doing latley is taking this finacial class by Dave Ramsey (the Brown's new best friend). It has completely changed our household and our future. We are so excited to get to a place where life is a little easier!! So I will post more soon but gotta go pick up one of my kids from school!!