Sunday, November 25, 2007

We have 2 new additions to the Brown family

I know we have done it again, the kids talked us into getting 2 kitty's, we got them from a family at church and so far they are really great with the kids and are super friendly. So just wanted to say hi and let you know of our new family friends. We are also watching my Dad's dog for him and in two days we have added 2 cats and a dog, we are crazy.
Today was a better day, I think the Lord is softening my heart (he needs to) so today with the youth was good. When you don't feel like doing somethign and the Lord opens a door it's ussualy a good thing. So keep praying it's not over yet. Love you all!!
PS the black cat is Belle and the tiger one is Rella

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here are some pictures of Super Play, our favorite place to go!! So I am really excited to say that Kelsee has joined my obsession with Jazzercise and is training to be a class manager!! Yeah!! Also Deb has also came in for a comp class and loved it and will hopefully be joining soon!! I love all my friends loving the things that i love!!

Anyway, I have been in a funk lately and I NEED to get some major girl time in so I am thinking either girl night out or starting something a little more consistant and doing a every other week bible study or get together. So let me know what you all think, I am in some desperate need on "my girls". My walk with the Lord is nearly gone and tomorrow we have to teach the youth and I feel not able to lead in a way that would be Glorifying to the Lord. So all that to say I guess if you want to get together then let's do it and also please pray for me I have lost all desire to even seek out the Lord. Thanks and off to being a mom I go... gotta love life.

Friday, November 9, 2007

What a week...

This week has flown by soooo fast!! Anyway, so we went to Palm Spring last weekend and it went by so fast!! No time to really relax, it was lots of fun but Kylee got really sick at my Dad's and the mom in me kicked in and wanted to mother her to get to her on Sunday and she was a lot better. So we had fun with our friends and here are some pictures of the weekend and our big boys 1st birthday!! Everyday I have the realization that we are not to have anymore kids, today at Super Play I was holding th owners baby and I LOVE babies but the thought of getting up at night and changing frequent diapers and all the feedings, no sleep, no dates, no freedom... I am done, a part of me would love to have another baby but i think I am too selfish at this point in my life and it may change but i hope not i want my life simple again and once Luke starts walking my life will be on it's way to being simple again, then I can put him down outside and we can play as a family. I am just over the "baby" part!! I want him to grow up but on the other hand he is my baby and i want to cherish this time for the last time! But wow what fun we have to look forward to later in life when our kids are old enough to take on trips and go places, oh the joy. So I can but can't wait. I am lucky I cherish every age!!

So enough of that rambling!! I am one lucky woman, i hve the best hubby ever to allow me to do all the things that I do, I do all these Jazzercise meetings and extra stuff and Stampin Up and my own business. He is so supportive and I appriciate all that he does for us!!

So I love this Super Play place!! If you ever want to come with me and check it out please let me know I will be there almost everyday!! I love it and I keep forgetting my camera when i go there, way fun and I love it when Kelsee goes with me our kids play well together and we can chat and stamp!! The two loves of my life!!

So I need to go and start making dinner or at least figure out what we can have!! I will write later!!