Friday, January 25, 2008

What a Day...

Day's like this make me want to crawl into a hole and hide for a long time till everything passes away. It seems like everything around me is falling apart. Wow I know that this is major spiritual warfare and I am trying my best to hold it together but a little breathing room would be nice right now. We are supposed to be going to camp for the day tomorrow (Saturday) to be youth camp counselors and this past week has been one battle after another, I get sick with something we still don't know what it was, my mom freaks out on me, my kids have been acting up, my marriage is less than perfect right now, let's see is there anywhere else that I could be attacked, oh the dog... if that dog gets into his house one more time today I will let it run free, she wreaks my house trying to kill our wonderful cats. I just wonder what Jesus would do, he would probably go on a mountain far away and ask the Lord to help and guide him and he would be all peaceful I can almost hear the music playing in the background, well he never had kids or nor was he a mom. Trust me I would kill for a little alone time on a mountain right now.... WAIT maybe that's what I will get tomorrow... it just dawned on me that I may get to be by myself and have alone time with just me and God tomorrow kinda like a date. Oh Lord please allow that to happen, I would SOOO enjoy that!! Anyway I guess everything happens for a reason and I love my kids so dearly right now, even though they are driving me crazy. They are the only thing that helps me get through the day. They make me laugh, cry, and most of all joyous. I wouldn't trade what I do for the life of me. Well maybe have everything that I have now but live in a simpler time like the 50's. Couldn't you all see me with my plate of cookies and my pretty dress on being president of the PTA. Times have changed and what I wouldn't give to have my life a little simpler. That's my goal and priority for 2008. Just thought I would share and ask for a little prayer!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's been a while...

You can usually tell when I have a big order of cards or something to fill, I don't BLOG much since I don't usually have enough time in the day to take a shower so that is what I have been doing.

So as you can tell I wouldn't add a random picture of any dog unless it meant a new addition to our family. That is Bailey!! She is an AMAZING dog that our friends found on the side of the road, so now we are praying that no one contacts us about her (we put an ad on Craig's List) and that she doesn't have a "chip" we are taking her to check that out today!! So that is our new addition, she is the best dog we have ever came into contact with.

Mike has been working a lot but he is doing a great job and we are very proud of him in his new position.

I think that is about all for now, thanks for reading!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The new me...

Here is the new me, I got new glasses and here is a picture of my pierced nose. BTW for those who have your nose pierced be CAREFUL when drying off from the shower, a towel can come right up to your face and rip that ring right out of your nose and it WILL hurt. Just a little advice from this morning.

Here are some pictures of our New Years Eve party, we had a blast and we actually stayed up till 12. Love you guys who came and for those of you who ditched us poo on you.

It's official...

they had the meeting today at Mike's work and he officially got promoted!!! They told everyone today that Mike will be leading the group! The corporate world is weird and we will not see a change in his pay till May but it's great knowing that come May things will change. So praise God for being faithful!!

We are very excited at the opportunities that this will open up for us! YEAH!!

Baby Luke...

So here is an update on Luke's health, we finally took him to the doctors again and with tears in my eyes I asked the doctor for his help and just make him better (he has been sick none stop since before Thanksgiving). So they decided to start giving him his breathing treatments again 3-4 times a day, he had the same thing when he was a baby but he got better. So far it seems to have helped and for a 14 month old to sit still for 15 min. with an oxygen mask on his face is really remarkable and has to say something that it has to help him enough to keep him still for that long of a time. So thanks for all the prayers and hopefully this will help him and I am happy as long as we have some answers and something to do to help him. The picture above is when he was at his worst, that was the start of it. Just looking at him would make me cry!!