Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So what have I been doing??

Well I have been very busy getting my life together before I start homeschooling and in my efforts to get organized I found this web site called Fly Lady. I have heard Gina talk about her just in passing but holy cow, she has transformed my life. She helps you clean and always have a clean house. Now with three kids my house isn't always clean but besides the toys it is really clean. She emails me like 100 times a day but I love them and it's helping me stay on track with my cleaning and it not taking a lot of time. Now I clean maybe an hour a day and my house is lookin good!! So that's the first thing that has consumed my life but we are also back involved in youth ministry so we have been doing that stuff also!! I know that I have been slacking on posting here but I have been trying to get my creative BLOG up and going and lookin good. So I will try to keep this one going I promise!!!

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Cookingmama said...

You are now a Flybaby. I read an article about her in 02 and it really made a HUGE difference in my life.
See ya Friday!